Eschatology – The World’s End

Ever since the beginning of the thinking man, mankind has been prospecting, suspecting, introspecting and retrospecting on ideas that they cannot but fathom what its plausibility – let alone happenstance – can be. The end of the world is just one in many.

You must have heard rumours here and there about the world’s end from before. There is the Mayan Calendar and many Ph.D writings about it, the Earth’s carbon dioxide levels with Antartica as an example and many more indications. I think Antartica was chosen because of it’s low inhabitance by humans hence the minimal alterations in carbon dioxide emissions by humans. The Mayans believe the world is going to come to an end on 21st December, 2012 (it must suck if you are a Mayan and that happens to be your birthday). They believe this is the end of a cycle that started this humanity or something along those lines. I guess the concept did not catch on well with the ignorant; Hollywood mocked it.

Religion also has its myriad predictions. First of all, the secular sect, known by the christians to be unlawful, have a concept of the world’s end. Christianity has a concept of the world’s end. One that does not have a specific time but bases its indications on a sequence of events. “There shall arise a leader with a promise of peace. Once that shall lead leaders away from leading their peoples astray because in those times, false prophets will arise” – labelled The Anti-Christ. Riddle me that. With the Blackberry and Android phones trying to be like the iPhone, these false prophets may not be farther than we think they are. But jokes aside, consider all the scams that play on the beliefs of people in exchange for monetary value of personal gain. Does this hint somewhere? Christianity believes – through the book of Revelations in the Holy Bible – that the Anti-Christ, will be backed by “religious” leaders. Later in that book of the Bible comes the overthrow of the Anti-Christ and the Son of God raining judgement on all earth; accepting all those worthy in to his abode and all other will go to Hell – just like this guy. Islam also has an eschatology. They believe Isa (Jesus) was not the son of God and never died but was physically carried up to Jannah (heaven) where he still lives till this day. One day, he will return to put an end to all wars (which apparently is Satan’s plan of world domination). Judaism believes in a one-shot messiah who comes and saves the world – in contrast with Christianity which believes that there was a test-drive. The Jews believe these days will come with peace and global brotherhood. They do not believe in an end to the world. Muslim, Jewish, and Christian eschatologies have their similarities. My beloved Hindu people – I love these guys. According to Hinduism, there is one God, Vishnu, and there has been many avatars of Him. Now, this is not the movie. A Hindu Avatar is an embodiment on God send to earth at certain times. According to the Dashavatara, Buddha is the most recent avatar of Vishnu – the supreme. The Hindu believe in a world end – as a matter of fact, they believe they are in that cosmic cycle/period, right now – Kali Yuga, the age of Hypocrisy. At the end of times, there is going to be another avatar – again, not the movie. His name will be Kalki – the final avatar of Vishnu who will destroy the evil men who feed on humans.

Observing the events going on in the world right now, do you feel the world is coming to an end? Feel free – but not obliged – to deduce your theory from any of these religions. Create yours if you wish.


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