A beauty to behold yet a spoilage tool
She sings smooth and melts under my touch
To church, I must woo her…even if you, Diana come off as a tool

Sometimes, staring at your smooth goodness makes me wonder
So fine and in high demand, yet you surrender a trust unknown to mankind
Technology [and its longing] has brought or paths from yonder…
to cross and no man, well human, shall put us asunder.

Not on my watch
But you are my watch
Timing ever second I watch
My eyes on you each day like a torch
Chasing darkness away from my front porch
But the light from your rectangle torches my darkness
And touches the darkness in the heart
Brings the warmth from the past
One I never could part with.
The love and trust you share is like the promise of spring after winter
And of summer after a mushy, thundering spring

Only you, Diana, can flaunt because
All but you have had me cheated on
Forever, we will stay together
Until the end or
Until there’s another unlockable version of…

Diana—my iPhone; a lovely piece of industry-crafted technology; a masterpiece of Yasky’s charm.


2 thoughts on “Diana

  1. Christina says:

    Ah, I love that you named your iPhone. Diana is a fitting name for such a masterful piece of technology. I don’t know what I would do without mine… Do you plan on putting her to sleep once a new one comes around?

    • I’m in the habit of naming my gadgets (: Edgar was my 3GS. He’s gone for a while but will be back soon.
      I really don’t want to do away with Diana; I don’t think I will. But someday her sparkle will change to wrinkles ):

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