DHCP in the Club

Most of you may not be conversant with DHCP. To cut all the technicalities short, when you go to a Coffee Shop and you can surf the Internet, DHCP is what makes this possible. How did I learn this? Women.

There are four main messages in the DHCP protocol:

  • Discover: When you walk into the club, you want to get a feel of the mood, know the crowd, feel the music and know where the hot singles are.
  • Offer: In the process of discovery, you drop bits and pieces of your swagger all over the room. Hot singles notice this swagg and start flocking in your direction to see what’s up.
  • Request: Sizing up all the sexinesses with all standards you may have, you pick one hottie. Deciding to give this a shot, you ask to spend the night together. In the words of Kanye West, “let’s break out of this fake ass party, turn this into a classic night”.
  • Acknowledgement: This hottie, bewildered by your interest, willfully lets go of the clique and decides to spark a new night with you. In doing so, hottie sends a message to all other hopeful expectants to back off!

And there you are. Connected for the whole session “in the coffee shop”.

Disclaimer: The DHCP protocol is for the bold, confident and may require more-then-necessary riches to amp up your swagg to the required level. Your bank account may be at stake. Practise with caution and restraint when needed.


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