Pain Hurts

I wish it was trust
the cause, or may be love
I wish it was about us
but it’s more…

You said you understood
You said you knew
I guess it was good
The plan broke through my hood

Sipping through my head like the winter wind
Confusing my mind with promises promising
Promises coated with icing
My heart remained unguarded

Slowly they became threats
Those threats became deaths
Death of soul, death of self
Pushes one to confide in meth
…oh you have no clue
Cos all you do is cue
And let the deceit build

The pain gets worse when I realise I was the one who wooed you. Brought you from nowhere into a fine light crafted with lime. Making you a spot in the light with no shadow to worry about. My realness was the ingredient and fuel for your odious iniquities. Yet I choose to bask in the possibilities that may have been. Trying to reach a finish line that chooses to stay one step behind me when I run forwards – ever so “promising” – towards it. But in the beginning…

You called me Failure,
I called you Mentor.
You called me Sheep,
I called you Angel.

Switch it up!

I called you Lover,
You called me “bleh”.
I called you Hope,
You called me “A possibility that never was”.

There was a lot we had
So much in our hands
With so much of everything…
How can we live with nothing?

I guess we’re just another Kanye West sample.


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