April Fools Day

April fools day was the beginning of his funny month. Pranks and jokes are meant to start the day (and moth) giving off a cheerful smile to whoever you encounter. I had only three jokes which I would like to share with you. Now, if you are one of those who think anyone who cracks jokes and pulls pranks on April Fools day needs to grow up, you might as well end here. Continue at your own risk. If you do make it to the end without being irritated, you should consider pulling those pranks laying at the back of you mind because you know you want to. At 11:56pm, prior to the Fools’ day, I received a text message from anonymous prophesying that in four minutes, I was going to be in a relationship with a friend. Curiosity, whom you must be familiar with from my previous posts, pushed me to ask why. “April fools”, anonymous replied. So it came to pass that the relationship request came on Facebook. Come April 1st, I was in a relationship. THREE MINUTES LATER, or thereabouts, “How low can you gooo? How low can you go? How low…”, my ringtone continued to ask me. Picked up the call and I had my first April fools victim. “Why didn’t you tell me?”, anonymity exclaimed, “I’ve known you for all these years and, me of all people, you didn’t say anything about this new improvement?” Going with the flow, I strung a few words into sentences supporting the nothing of exclusiveness in the relationship. Claiming it took me by surprise for the request to come on April Fool’s day, I solidified my first prank. Comments followed on the story. On my wall and on the lady’s – I’ll call her “April Love”. It’s funny though. None of April Love’s friends approved of the relationship but most of mine did. What had anonymous done to my life, only the progression of the day would tell. Texts buzzed, emails blared, Facebook constantly alerted me to new improvements. My apartment was like a disco hall at 1:30am with my phone being the source of light. Later that morning, I walked into the bank with an idea I got from someone on Twitter. It was the beginning of the month so people rushed in early this morning to get issues about their paycheck cleared out – the bank was full. Frisking myself as if looking for something, I yelled out “NOBODY MOVE!! I lost my contact lenses….”. Everybody froze after hearing “nobody move”, myself inclusive. I was scared they wouldn’t take it with good heart. I mean, it’s a bank after all. Microseconds later, I yelled even louder “APRIL FOOOLS!”, smiled and walked away calmly. Some people laughed, a couple applauded. I didn’t want to stay for the whole thing though. There’s always that one security guard who had a bad morning with his wife, lost control over his son and is frustrated with his job. I didn’t want him on the scene. My final prank was at noonday. My birthday became April 1st. Lots of love flowed to my profile—falling for the prank. It came with doubts too. But I tried to make it as real as possible replying to every happy birthday message. At some point, I thought to invite anyone who could make it, out for a club night. Lord knows how it went because I didn’t end up going. What I took away from this? Canadians know a good joke and how to deal with it [Bank]. Relationships on Facebook is a risk to your online social direction [anonymous prophesy]. And you’ll be shocked how many people do not know your birthday and depend on Facebook for that. Some were innocent, as they truly did not know. But your pals though, those who’ve kept in touch for the longest time, celebrated with you multiple times, ate your fried chicken and drank your wine, met your friends and built relationships on that meet; still fell for the joke. Happy April Fools month people. Have fun and do not limit yourself to the conventional.


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