A Scratch for an Itch

Recently, I attended a workshop by some developers on Rails. The awesome things one can do with that framework BLEW my mind. My mind has been having these uncontrollable power outbursts recently; but that’s for another post.

I first learnt about Rails during it’s first release – 1.2 to be precise. The famous “Build a weblog in 15minutes” tutorial spread like wildfire. I also did other cool miniature apps that till this day still sit on my hard disk searching for the light at the end of the tunnel; a day when they can go live on the Interweb. So I’m not new to the business. But ever since 1.2, I didn’t build apps again because of preoccupation with God-knows-what. 2.3 was the next version I heard of… Then came 3.

After the workshop – in which the mentors walked U’s through making a weblog (same old drill), the itch sort of came back. Web development in Rails was the ish once again. I mean, no offence to raw HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery or even Flash. But Rails has me on a train headed for God-knows-where. But the journey is sweet nonetheless.

To scratch that itch, I decided to further the workshop’s blog and host it on my pseudo-server (this is where I call out to the management of UToronto to make it possible for U’s to have Rails backends on our web spaces; PHP is becoming like MySpace).

You can view the outcome of the tutorial and let me know what you think. The first time you click on it, you may get an error; just refresh the page. Unfortunately, the only name I can remember from the workshop is Tanzeeb. You can reach him on Github. Thanks to Xtremelabs and the other game company that was there. Mozilla rings a bell too; big ups!

The journey has only just begun.


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