WordPress listens.

Sometime back, WordPress shipped a version of their iOS app and I called them out on a couple – maybe few – flaws with it. They tried to implement view rotation and failed epicly at it. About two days after my post on the flaws, there was a rollback. “Obviously”, I thought, “Y’all should know more by now not to ship buggy software – especially when you’re shipping on the iOS platform”. And all the sorry engineers at WordPress, with their heads bowed to the floor like they all lost half a penny, echoed “we know”.

The cocky engineers didn’t though, they walked away. And putting their heads to the desk for so long, they came up with a new shipment. This.

As usual, the Marshall in me came out to inspect. They still couldn’t implement the view rotation. Or they thought it was not necessary in the table views – which was a good design decision. Anyways, the marshal found some things good.

  • The refresh is no longer the boring spin around button. It’s now pull-down refresh – Twitter style.
  • The comments now have hyperlinks to the blogs and from email addresses. Very useful because you do not want to wait until you get to a computer to read a person’s blog.
  • Videopress is now enabled.
  • The black bar at the bottom of the blog composition view has a more fluid UI.

It’s amazing what these persistent engineers did achieve.

I’m sure there are more fascinating things hidden under the release (I should have read the release notes). Great job WordPress. Thanks for listening.


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