Apple iOS 4.3

Apple just released iOS 4.3 and I just upgraded. Now, the gadget blogs will tell you all the major goodies that come with this release such as:

  1. Faster Safari Engine: Making the web experience better with a browser that has reached better benchmarks.
  2. Enhanced AirPlay: if you stream videos from your iDevice to Apple TV, this is meant to improve your experience.
  3. Personal Hotspot: the ability to share your connectivity among other devices that may not necessarily be apple devices. Even BBs will know who’s boss. This I think is cool.

Now if you are not a hardcore gadget lover and you develop on the device and the only reason you have an iDevice is to look good to your friends, all these would not matter to you. I should say though that I am against the notion of being oblivious of what your device can help you do like: GPS (works on roads and I deserts or forests), weather reports, sport feeds, cooking companion, be your personal secretary, clean your house, teach your dog English, and so on. Megabytes will fail me if I try to list them all.

However, if you really just care about user experience, there are some other changes in iOS 4.3 that make it better. Some subtle changes that may elude the eye but just makes the device feel better. Some of them are:

  1. Location Services: From one option in the settings app, you can turn off permissions that allow apps to track your location. You don’t have to go looking for the setting somewhere in the app’s preferences. You can even turn off the tracking option of the Apple Camera app
  2. Multitasking: when you double-click the home button, app icons now have a greyscale effect on them enabling you to focus on your home screen background.
  3. Compass app: this app now has a glossy background.

That’s about how much change was made in aesthetics and subtle minorities. If I find more, you will hear it from this blog first.


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