A.I.G talks about Gaddafi

Three people Mr. A, Mr. I and Mr. G had a conversation about Gaddafi on Facebook I want to share. There is a spoiler at the end. If you are a party-pooper, you will scroll down to check it out first. If you just suck, you have already scrolled down to see it. Anyways, the conversation goes thus:

A: “M Gaddafi is *1000 worst thn Hosni Mubarak. [he should] Get lost”
I: “He’s been a shrewed operator for 40 years, only recently coming undone. He’s been a prime mover and shaker. Be thankful he didn’t become Emperor of all Africa.”
Some moments later…
G: “He could not – never – become the Emperor of Africa; he’s too naïve. Take a minute and think of that title – it’s heavy. Africa is a beast only nature can control. Why do you think the fiercest of animals – man included – revere it. One can conquer sects and segments of Africa. But the whole continent, in this modern day, one has to understand what started life to get a grip on Africa as a whole – that’s before you start strategizing on how to become its Emperor.

Segregation and seclusion is vital to power and its continuance. To rule Africa, one will be uniting the continent. Even as a father, when your kids unite, you have no option but to get them what they want. How much more a continent? How much more Africa?”
I: “Oh – he was underwriting the AU, indeed, instigated the change from the OAU, with support. He has his man in BF, had Liberia, SaLone, CI and point further west. He was great friends with the old man in Togo. Thank goodness it all fell apart. He’s been responsible for so much bad around the world.”
G: “I am aware of his connections with some power in the west. He is a fearsome man – I think anyone who has rules over a country for this long and was not under monarchy from the start can be categorized this way.

But, even with all these friendships, to continually subdue whilst retaining loyalty demands a great deal of control (originating from self-control). From his speech to the Libyans, he seems to be losing that. He sounded erratic and high-strung. One should know when his reign is over.

Earlier on in his career, he may have had the chance of ruling a greater chunk of Africa. But with other dictators going about their business, it would not have come easy.”
I: “I wonder how he will end up – whether he will follow through with his promise to die on Libyan soil. He needs to stand trial, so in some ways I hope that he doesn’t kill himself. I would have thought that a son or two of his would be jumping ship by now, in an attempt to avoid death, or a very, very long prison sentence.”
G: “He is a very arrogant man. A fulfilled arrogant man if I must put it that way because he successfully raised arrogant sons. I watched one of his sons blaming BBC for the protests going on in Libya. Retarded but arrogant. Gaddafi himself blames US spies for the bombings, haha. Tried to drive his point home by giving his speech in front of the monument of the US bombing his house some time back. They are all frantic but his son who gave the speech had a calm demeanor.

I didn’t expect them to jump boats neither did I expect them to go down without putting up a fight. They wanna stand for what they believe. And they may go all the way.

But isn’t that where he went wrong…? By having a belief? One who seeks to rule indefinitely must rid himself of all beliefs and be able to provide the people with unquestionable wonder at any time; thereby becoming a belief himself.”
I: “Hmm, I’m not sure that the sons will have the same belief. They are a little more switched, but we’ll see – soon, I hope.
I’ve watched all of the ‘utterances’ from father and sons. He started by blaming other Arab leaders and Al Jazeera, even before the BBC. I’d imagine that he’s going to be a bit hacked off with British planes landing in Libya on the rescue mission! I haven’t watched tonight. I hope those in Tripoli stay safe.”
G: “I have not watched in a while. I grew sick of his news – the chain of protests going really. Father-son utterances is a nice way of putting it. When I have less work on me hands, I’ll pop open Al Jazeera and see what’s going on. This British rescue mission sure is interesting.

The people of Tripoli will be safe.”

Air your views. The dryer can only give it that much heat – for that much time. But the air under the sun, you are guaranteed to spread the word faster.

Spoiler: Not to trump on my colleagues but I am the G amongst the misters.


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