Why aliens would not come to Earth

Some claim to have seen aliens on Earth. They claim these beings – who humans have stereotyped to be miniature – hover around in unidentified flying objects, UFOs. Ever questioned why most of these UFOs are at night time? Flight tests. There’s no flying object that marshals of an airspace don’t know about. Scientists may go crazy and create some borderline magical moment allowing the average YouTuber rant about it. Most times, this is the case.

There are many reasons why “aliens” will not come to earth. Earth has no stable economy, Racism exists between the people and is here to stay, and after about two billion years of existence we still struggle to understand our world. Please refer to them as extraterrestrial beings because we all are aliens. You, outside your house, one step ahead of your lintel, are an alien to that very day and all that comes with it.

“What’s the conviction?”, you may ask. “Why this topic? Why now?”, your mind may wonder.

I am on my way back from my brief weekend holiday – spent in Kitchener. Despite all the boring things I heard of that town, I realized one thing. It is chill. Chill from the madness of construction noises, chill from the craziness of reckless drivers hence car horns, chill from worry – simply peaceful. People there go about their daily lives with as much smile those in the rat race of corporate life force their lips to carry – and even more. Yet, they are termed “aliens of civilization” – because of one teenage reason, “lack of high-rise buildings”.

Now ladies and gentlemen, picture this: if extraterrestrial beings have such serenity and sense of completeness in their mundane lives, why would they want to emigrate to a planet where leaders resort to bombing civilians to restore order. A planet where the most primitive emotion, fear, so fundamental it’s biological – adrenaline, can make us take the lives of other beings around us. And a doctrine that seems to soothe that emotion can make us take our own lives – suicide bombing. A planet where equality is scale inclined at 45 degrees: where the well-to-do sit at the top and dictate over the poor like tools of a man who does not know his trade. And enven if they did not have such serenity, they would most probably be focused on achieving it.

A brief break from the fast-paced life got me thinking. It got me thinking long and hard.

Stop searching NASA. With the discovery of the Kepler-11 you are only going to pump billions into an unfruitful search. Focus on fixing earth, making mankind the best it can be and making this world beautiful. I think we would not have to search for extraterrestrial beings if we have that.


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