As I taxi down the runway…

On the high velocity vehicle brilliantly navigating the tar strip I couldn’t help but think, “how boring will the next few hours of mi life be”. Confined to a space less than quarter the size of one’s bedroom, the comfort is far from what is rumoured in adverts. I look out the window to take my mind off confinement. The houses have been constantly reducing in height, clouds become clearer and more vivid, the sun sings a tune and birds gracefully dance to it. All that beauty slowly became mundane as it’s repetition continued endlessly.

Desperate for some entertainment, I turned to my personal secretary – my iPhone – who suggested I read up on blogs. She presented me with today’s topic on the Daily Post. How coincidental. I thought it to be “too coincidental to be accidental” so I thought to share all about this trip.

“Ok goddamn it! Where is this trip to and from?”, you may ask. First of all, I’m not in a plane. I’m in a bus looking at a plane which happened to be at a standstill in the air for the longest time while I was staring at it. And the space…the space can barely take my knees; the claustrophobic behind me is praying louder than the music in my headphones. I’m headed to Waterloo from Toronto. Will this be the best trip? Only time will tell. Well time and all the crazy ish that happens 🙂


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