The Worst Teacher

“Who is your worst teacher?”, asked The DailyPost. This is one sentence, one word – if you are one of those who think of a word as a message. Some may not comprehend the gravity of this question. A wise man once said “you can only sense the level of one’s power when you both are beings of the same existence” – Sosuke Aizen. So let me try to digest this question.

Who is your worst teacher? Under who’s instruction do you always fail. If there was one man or woman (or thing) that you choose to teach you something, who will you always sleep in his/her class. Who is the one person who you will ask for advice and you will end up teaching them what they are meant to know? Finally, who is the one person who can teach you so bad, you forget what you already know? Who is your worst teacher?

Hopefully that shines more light on the subject. Hopefully everyone now has some understanding of the question. Everyone has had such a teacher. You may have detested the course. You may have loved the teachings nonetheless. But there exists that one person in our lives who is our worst teacher. Even if you life has been filled with good teachers, even if you’ve been home-schooled by the same person since you learnt how to speak, you have a worst teacher. If you have a best, you probably have a worst. Take three minutes to think about your worst teacher. Don’t forget to share your experience – by commenting or blogging about it and sending me a trackback.

I have a worst teacher. I would normally hide his name to protect his identity but I don’t mind sharing. His name is Achievement. You may know him as “a goal reached” or Accomplishment or Realisation or ish like that. Some of you may like him. Some of you may yearn fr him to be your teacher at this point. But he happens to be my worst teacher. How?

Once he starts teaching, you are not meant to do anything. You are expected to finish any work you are doing before you come into his course. if you have a project you are working on, the criteria is that you his a specific marks the “system’ calls “goals” before you can get his attention. He makes it impossible for you to challenge yourself. This is my main pet-peeve (I don’t have any pets though; but if I had, this would be their peeve). How can you sit and do nothing all in the name of Mr. Achievement? Did I mention that he has no course material? You literally have to do nothing. If you do something, you lose him and take on Experience as a teacher – who happens to be my best teacher by the way. He depends on past glory to grade his students. I think this is obvious from his name.

I’ve had him a couple times as a teacher and … getting him as a teacher feels good – I shit you not. But keeping him as a teacher is the worst thing to happen to a being. The search for wisdom has to continue. The boundaries of our capabilities have to continually be pushed to attain a power – knowledge – greater than our minds can fathom.

Say hi to Achievement but continually learn from Experience.


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