A Brake on Posting

The post a day initiative by WordPress was termed a “tall challenge for beginner bloggers” by CNN. They should have added “students pursuing a technical degree” to that list.

School, sadly, has taken a toll on creativity and I have to succumb to the system I so despise. I still detest the system but gold always has to pass through fire to come out bling, a beautiful butterfly has to experience being an ugly party pupa and so on. Just saying, sometimes, we have to let do of what we want to concretize our grip on life’s essentials.

Without further a-talk about nothing, inasmuch as a post a day was my goal for 2011, I am relinquishing that obligation and stepping down to a post a week. This does not limit The Explorer to one post a week but defines a post a week as a lower bound – a.k.a an “at least”.

To all my readers, thank you for sticking with me throughout the month of January. You all are the reason I write – well sometimes Curiosity, the girlfriend of Adventure might take the stage. But I’m sure she thinks of you as she writes too.

Happy Valentines.


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