SUDS – Intro

For those of you outside Toronto, SUDS (a.k.a The Pit) is a dungeon in the University of Toronto Campus where the hardcore beastly engineers hangout.Made up of an actual pit, a couple cafeterias, an eating space and the Office of the Ebgineering Society, it is an amazing place for socializing and getting into the Engineering Spirit (a.k.a Skule Spirit). Now that spirit is one I’m yet to see.

That being said, if you are just a passerby or an engineer that ain’t so beastly as myself, this makes a great place for people watching. Observing the the behavior of such a rampant yet so mart species may be the key to the future.

This is nothing but an introduction. Findings on this study will be posted here.

Did I mention, every Friday night the place is turned into a mini bar? You should watch people trying to move to the beat and getting lost in their movements; hilarious I must say.

For now I’m out. There’s still school work on my plate and I have nothing but a brain filled with chopsticks to deal with it.


Buono notte


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