Life in a Technology

This is a reply to yesterday’s topic of the day: “What tech can’t you live without?“. Join me as I dissect this will you? Don’t worry, this will be short.

Most people will interpret this to mean what gadget can’t you live without. I know over the years, mobile phones have gained face with the working masses, computers have soil-rocketed (opposite of sky-rocketted) in prices, making it exponentially cheap to own one of those things where you hit buttons and letters show up on the screen, and so on and so on and so on.

The tech we all cannot live without, and when I say we all, I mean about 93.71% of the world’s population, is the Internet. This singular technology has become as useful as electrical power to our everyday lives. It has become a living, breathing baby of the society. One which our acts alone will nurture into adulthood. Its growth will be slow ut its impact will surpass any apocalypse ever known to mankind.

Look at Egypt and the “blackout“. Now ladies and gentlemen, the blackout you read about here is not one of power – electrical. Maybe political; but that’s something for the politicians to argue. The Internet was taken away from Egypt – no internet, no phone service, even Al Jazeera was banned. People still wanted to get their word through. Initially there was panic and chaos. But some smart minds figured out a way of circumnavigating the problem to find a solution. I do not have details of how they did it but with radio technology or some ish like that, they could get numbers of dial-up ISPs to get the word out to their friends in other countries. One crisis in Egypt, and days later people in Canada want to go out and demonstrate. First of all, Canadians, do you realize it’s winter time. Secondly, do you realize winter means the country becomes a 9.9 million square kilometer refridgerator?

Egypt aside, we all use the internet for things like email, phone calls and the most used feature: social media. Everyone depends on it. Every BBM, wall post, tweet, buzz or iOS data. Mobile phones and computers are nothing but fancy rectangles that can do cool stuff with electric surrents of all sorts without the Internet – and that is not cool enough for the 21st century. What would you do if the Internet was taken away from you for a week?

My name is Yasky. I love the Internet.


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