Egypt Burns

Recently, I mistakenly opened my favorite news channel – CNN, and got stuck to it. I do not usually watch the news because mainly bad news comes on air. I could not care less if this news was occurring more than 20 miles in radius away from my location. But, this time is different. Egypt is burning. Their government is screwing them over—well, it has been so for about thirty years now

Hosni, I hear, is about 82 years off. He doesn’t look so. How much money has gone into his face? Yet Egypt scorched in a bad government. Hosni has ripped Egypt if their humanity and have yielded their bodies to their emotions. What you see on TV, the pictures you see of demonstrators marching is a pure exude of emotions on the streets of Egypt. Their hearts are screaming, “Down with Mubarak: a dictator made in the USA”.

How do I know this is the case? The Hosni government, I dare not call it the Egyptian government, shutdown Internet access: Facebook, Twitter and Social media as a whole. Now they are trying to push out live activist journalism station, Al Jazeera. Even with all these limitations, the forces of the opposition still grow stronger. They still pump the streets with manpower. What shocked me is the level of organization and coordination within the uprising. I heard, and I don’t quote anyone, that at some point the women took a shift in active demonstrations because the men had been up all night. The Hosni government is spitting on humanity. They are (or he is) undermining humanity. An under-understood concept known to humans as collaboration has sparkled in the minds of the Egyptians. I have a means for Hosni to get back control: “shut down the mind of every Egyptian”; because right now, that is their social media. Unfortunately, this will result to mass massacre and I don’t encourage that.

Egypt will come out of this, stronger than ever too. Egypt, know this… Though this is the world’s trend in the 21st century, something the Christian bible refers to as “wars and rumours of wars”, you will come out stronger. With a better government too.



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