Long time no code

It’s been a while since I talked about coding, programming or anything related to software or application development. I miss it. The first question that should pop up in your mind, if you mean any good, should be “why not pick up something and start developing then?”

It’s not that easy. Right now school’s in session; through this week and the week after, school must have transitioned into full swing. None of my courses have programming as a requirement – well, apart from Computer Hardware where we have to build a computer from scratch.

I’m taking Algorithms and Data Structures though where every one in that course is a professor. Course is so theoretical, every change for a question is a window allowing the breeze of argument to blow in. And there is really no use for it. Everything is well outlined in the book.

Anyways, I am still involved in some web projects, because I love doing them – building websites, webapps and ish of the like. Recently volunteered for Books Outbound: a group at the university devoted to decentralizing academic resources. Until the end of the semester, I don’t expect to do anything major. But for the mean time, I hope you enjoy the Tick Tack Tohh game I made.


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