Who are they? Where do they come from? Funners. They are the soldiers of life. They see every disappointment of life as an opportunity to put a smile on someone else’s face. Role models – they truly are. Funners is a response to today’s daily post. I call them professors. They are the true professors of life; truth sayers. A wise man once said, “In school, you are taught then tested but in life you are tested before you learn.”

Before we continue, a brief disclaimer. The content in this post is my brain child. The content which my brain child uses as content is already out there and everyone can access it. If you wanna judge me on my brain child or the content which my brain child uses, please feel free to drop a comment – seriously. Finally if, after watching this video, your reaction is “aww…”; please stop reading. Thank you.

“Comedy (‘funny’) is a function of the amount of bullshit in life” – Professor Katt Williams. He is the first person I am going to list here. There is no order to their listings. Professor Katt Williams graduated with a degree in Botanical Chemistry from the U.S.A – University of Secular America. He also studied drugs and their effects. He had other areas of research too.

“Have you ever had people repeat themselves so many times, they sound demented?” – Professor Carl Barron. He is a young professor. Just graduated with a specialist in Semiotics and a minor in Psychoanalysis. More of his related publications can be viewed.

Everything these professors say “it’s jokes, it’s fun; at the back of your mind, you wanna say this ish sometime” – Professor Bernie Mac. One of the funniest man that ever lived. In this vein too, I introduce Doctor Richard Pryor – an activist and one of the boldest in his prime. I wish both of them RIP. They had issues. When life turned off on them, they turned laugh on on life. Richard got scorched, and had to be hospitalized. Bernie laid down daycare rules, watch his brother’s kids, deal with an aunt that wan’t “right by everybody”. I should point out that Professor Bernie Mac graduated with a degree in Linguistics from the U.S.A – University of Scintillating Amusement and also did his Ph.D in Child Day Care in the same institution.

In my personal life, fun is in the very essence of living. It is the one way you can escape the hardships and the disappointments of life and still be fulfilled. The bloke staring at a hot girl on while skating and slips, chicks that trip on bare floor and turn around to give that particular spot on the floor a hard stare, people that always rant about life a emotionally and still get to live it anyways, and so on. Humanity in itself is hilarious. We are all part and parcel of a cosmic joke. A joke that cannot be completed until Earth finishes.

Next time you wake up, go to the mirror and give yourself a smile. Ponder about something that was hilarious the day before. If you had a dream where you were being chased by a paper clip or one where you were in church and the choir was made up of air conditioners, ceiling fans, old refrigerators and the like, don’t start fidgeting trying to look for a meaning. Laugh over it. You have been given a reason to laugh – that reason is life. Cherish it.


5 thoughts on “Funners

  1. Christina Mercer says:

    Aw man I love this, I think I’ll make a list:
    (1) I did say ‘aww..’ at a few of the people who fell in the video, but I kept reading…
    (2) I thought you were serious about Kat Williams having a degree in Botanical Chemistry until I watched the video.
    (3) You introduced me to Carl Barron.
    (3) I especially appreciated that last bit.

    And a question: Do you know who Russell Peters is?

    • Many thanks!

      I know who !Russell is. I’ve watched all his DVDs. I hope he comes’s up with something new soon. Red and Black (one of his DVDs – if not the very last one) needs a continuation.

    • Christina Mercer says:

      Yeah I stumbled across some of his stuff on YouTube a few months ago and thought he was great. I forgot to add something to that list:
      (4) Kat Williams reminded me of something: Smoke more pot! It fixes EVERYTHING 😀 .

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