Final Human Runtime

Hello there.

If you were following my previous posts, you would understand I as trying to find out how long I could do everyday activities with neither food nor sleep. You may also be wondering why you have not heard from me for so long. This is because I just woke up from an accidental crash. The story follows.

At 3-ish, lectures were done. Then, I had the hang of staying awake. There is something about the evening that just rejuvenates nonetheless. Mornings, yeah. But evenings too. Especially when you are sleep deprived. After lectures I watched the game, Chelsea 4 – 0 Bolton. This even gave me extra hype to do stuff. So I went off to play ball, European football, with a couple friends on an off campus field. Game was smooth. I obviously ran way slower than I would have if I was 100% but the skills remained intact. For some reason, my movements were more fluid too. At that point, I was a puppet, with my mind being the ever so skillful puppeteer

This is the fun part. Came back home, sat on my bed, woke up from sleep.

Probably the football was an overkill. Ever since my pizza slice, I had some chocolate balls – no homo – courtesy of a friend oblivious to my feat. More sugar 🙂 You were right.

Right now, 31 hours is my runtime. Curiosity wants to see how far we can push this limit, but she’s not getting what she wants any time soon. There will be other tries, other ideas, and ish related to discovering new ish. But for now, I’m tired. It’s gonna be a long annoying cooking session for me too; trying to make food to cover the 31 hours. Who thinks restaurant?


  • Mind over matter. The only way your body can fight against it is fatigue, procrastination and laziness. Two of which are the main things you train your mind to overcome anyways.
  • Your movements become more graceful as long as you don’t force it.
  • There is more than enough resources to function daily. The human psyche is wasteful. Oblivious of the larger picture, we tend to inefficiently spend most resources at hand in the present. A little plan, a little thought and efficiency will get married to you without signing a prenuptial agreement.
  • Take good care of your body. You’ve only got one. And it has to last you for life.

6 thoughts on “Final Human Runtime

  1. Christina Mercer says:

    Heh, I really want to say “I told you so”. Whoops I just did 🙂
    I wish you luck this time around. Maybe you should get a full nights sleep beforehand to rejuvenate and then try it. Despite your little cat-nap just now, your body is still probably fatigued and you’ll do worst this time around.

  2. Christina Mercer says:

    No way. I need sleep, at least 15 hours per day. If not, I turn into a groggy monster and start lashing out incoherently 🙂 .

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