Human Runtime: Third Log

My walks are beginning to slow down. Not because I am tired but I want to conserve energy. I see people walking so fast, yelling so loud, humans never know the value of something until it’s truly gone. As long as it exists, we will use it; as long as there’s abundance, we will spend it. One percent of extra intricacy in our daily life’s is potent to improve productivity by margins.

My body begged for breakfast so I got it a pizza slice about an hour ago. Probably not the healthiest thing out there, but mu stomach thanked me anyways.

Attention span is shortening. I had to take a walk around the floor of the building during my previous lecture to keep awake. Sleep comes in short bursts but walks can keep then away for a while. If I should get some sleep though, I doubt it will be longer than six hours.

I’m beginning to get the feeling this thing can be done. Just a minor check on one’s will power whenever sleep comes knocking should be able to keep the eyes from retiring.

The human runtime is still running…


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