Human Runtime: Second Log

I just crossed the 24 hour mark! It wasn’t easy though with nothing for food. I got drowsy at 8:11am and decided to go for walks round campus. Walked till 9am when classes started. That kept me from dozing – let alone falling asleep.

My stress level remains normal. But, the orchestra that comes on when you don’t eat just started playing in my stomach and my voice has gotten deep and croaky. I found out the hard way. Wanted to ask a question about in class and the professor could not hear me. Have you ever repeated your sentences so many times, you sound demented? Chicks dig the deep croaked voice for some reason.

Staying up is much easier now with people around. Friends to talk to and a vibrant atmosphere. Is strength a function of metabolism or environmental ambience? How long is this Human Runtime? Especially when the human chooses to intake minimal foods.

Crazy? Think again


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