Human Runtime: First Log

Hey there.
It’s about 4 hours from my declaration of the experiment. I am 20 hours in. Since my last post, I have had one pack of Starburst and two bars of Snickers.

I have not needed any help to stay alert so far. Probably because there is so much work on my hands I an procrastinating between procrastination and where to start. Keeps my mind thinking and performing minor tasks at the same time.

No stress yet. I have casual walks down the “hallway” in this camera-bogged computer lab. Lord knows what would be going through the security’s mind – or who ever watches the CCTV videos.

Classes start in two hours. I just got halfway through asymptotics – which turned out not to be more complicated than it is when it is applied. I should make some motes now.

Good morning.


4 thoughts on “Human Runtime: First Log

  1. Christina Mercer says:

    I hope you don’t plan on keeping your body running on sugar. You will crash and burn before you know it if you do.

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