os corajosos

Another reply to a point on the Daily Post. Os corajosos means “The Brave Ones” en portugues de Brasil. Mr. Post, Daily asked, “Where have you experienced bravery? In your profession, with your own eyes, in someone you admire…where? WHERE…dear bloggers have you experienced bravery?”. To satisfy his curiosity and ease his rage, here are my replies.

In my profession…

I would say Julian Assange and the army of cyber-hackers behind him. That dude is a soldier. One who stands for truth. Disclosing top secret documents may sound like a felony but unraveling sketchy plans by a government that does more wrong than the prettified niceness we all see? That takes a lot of brave. I don’t know if Julian thought this through before he decided to take on this act. If he did, I ned to know how he mustered himself up to continue. Every morning, dude wakes up, what runs through his mind? How does he keep going?

The cyber peeps behing him, you guys are the ish. All those who mirror behind proxies carrying the word of Wikileaks beyond borders, truth marshals. You guys may be seen as the underworkings – there’s a red line under underworkings so I’m guessing that’s not a word – of a hero. You may be seen as the nerds who sit behing computers in the basements of bunkers with thick plastic (or for some hardcore people, PVC) eye-glasses, hacking away to reveal truth. Truth that will remain untold having the fat ass of Politics’ policy sitting on it. History has your mark on it. You are brave.

With my own eyes…

There are lots around me I cannot even count. The soldiers who took heed to my previous post and decided to march through Canada’s cold, I hail. Did I tell you Canada got pissed at my post about the temperature and reduced it to 27 below zero the next day? And people still marched through to work, to school, to libraries, and all ish related with life. Y’all are brave. My forehead froze and unfroze countless times.

In someone I admire…

This goes to Popsi. For all the reasons you can think of: support, support and support…yeah yeah yeah. But for one more that is not that obvious. Dude was being robbed. His car – which he loved and bragged so much about – was being stolen; driven away. Ladies and gentlemen, at this point I would like to point out that these thieves were armed; and they obeyed no one apart from their boss – who turned out to be their individual emotions. Popsi picks up rocks and hauls them at his car. Dents the chasis out of pretty. What if the commander of the thieves decided to give an order? More brave stuff happened along these lines but this is the only one my conscience permits to go online.

And finally, me. There are some brave risks I have gone through, I randomly award myself “Veteran”. I end with this quote, “Everyday of your life, do something that scares you. This way you will grow and have control over fear – who turns out to be the master of your emotions” – Popsi.


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