Oh Canada…

The start of the Canadian national anthem. What a country. So diverse, so interracial, so fun. Yet Canadians depend on the United States for leadership on everything—everything…? Everything. That’s sad. That’s so sad it’s…ridunculous.

Canada is was one of the colonies of the British Empire. An empire so huge, even the sun – in all it’s greatness and splendor being able to govern the very day and night – could not set over the empire. The Colony of Canada happened to be one of the largest colonies in this empire. One of the greatest in understanding the people of its empire and providing royalty with this information with which the ruled with an arm strong enough to command the sun’s constant shine. Yet now, Oh Canada, you dwindle before politics taking orders from a system that never knew what monarchy was.

However, this is not my reason for writing. My reason for talking about Canada, shockingly, is the temperature. It is winter time and was 21 below zero (in celcius) yesterday – my forehead froze. I was just wondering how a country can be so beautiful in the summertime: festivals, beaches, tank-tops, flip-flips & slushies; and change in the winter time. We live in a refrigerator! The largest known to mankind. It’s a beautiful thing. I have learnt ski sports, ice-skating – which give you balance in life. Letting the winter in is so refreshing.

Canadians though always walk around in puffy clothing trying to be warm – trying to be something they are not. This is your country. Own it. Love it for everything it is. When I walk between buildings in school with nothing but a short sleeve polo shirt on – and obviously a pair of pants, the dude next door gets paranoid. He walks up to me with a pair of questions I love giving answers to: “What do you think you are doing? Who do you think you are?” = “A breadth of fresh air and someone who can bend the rules to make his world what he likes and how he likes it; respectively and respectively”. Low self esteem is dangerous and no one – I mean…n ‘ o n e…should have it.

Wake up Canada. You should rock and not live under rocks while watching someone else rock your world. How do I know? Your anthem. I wish I knew the whole thing but the alpha and the omega of it yells despair and frail hope for hope: “Oh Canada 😦 we (hope or pray now? I can’t really remember) – we hope on God for thee”. How about this:

Oh Canada, pride of the British Empire
Reigned throughout colonies, one with the Royal Queen
Galant on the top right of the world,
Closest, a people, to God above”.

Something like that. I’m not an “Anthemist”, I’m just saying.

Peace and love people; that’s the way to lollop.


One thought on “Oh Canada…

  1. AuditiO says:

    “Oh Canada we (hope or pray now? I can’t really remember) – we hope on God for thee”

    LOL!! No! I sais “we stand on guard for thee”

    Why did you let the winter in? You are not Canadian…. I have citizenship yet I have not let the winter in! May be that’s why I dislike Canada :-< Also because of the lack of backbone and subordination that you mentioned

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