Facebook never deletes.

In this post, I will try to prove to you by showing you some examples that Facebook does not delete anything. It will not be thorough because part of this is a rant from me but here goes.

Facebooooook! You sumama-basterd!

Now we have the have the rant out the way, here comes the story.

Once upon a time in my teenage life, I hooked up my cellphone to Social Media. It was cool to be able to answer to wall posts, messages and comments like text messages. As time went by though, I realized I was grown up. Responding to every beep was not the way forward. So I turned off all beeps. Unhooked my phone from Twitter, Facebook and the like. So far, up til today, I have not received anything from either of them…which was cool, until this happened.

I met a friend of mine and wanted to work on a lab together. Realizing that we never had each other’s numbers all these years, we decided to do the exchange which should have, according to Canadian rules, should happen after the first conversation if there’s any interest in the person whatsoever. I called his phone and voila, my Facebook name and profile picture showed up as caller ID. Much love to Android phones.

Now ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I logged into Facebook to check my account settings. To my surprise, there was no cellphone number hooked up to my account. Facebook, in all evil innocence, recommended I restart the SMS feature.

Your information is out there. It will be out there forever. Be careful with it. It is the only identification you have. Protect it. It is your face/presence in the world when you are not present. I learned this the hard way, you shouldn’t.


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