Slick Slack

Posting once a day is challenging. I have slacked a couple days. I can blame it on some slick excuses but that only males matters worse, doesn’t it? There’s no stopping it though.

Coming up with ideas to blog about is hard when I’m in school for such a rigorous program like ECE @ UofT. The only thing I think about daily is catching up with school work, preparing for labs and ish like that, how to monetize the geek in me…

All these make me think of things larger than life. Moreso, the rat race called Life. It’s amazing how humans all go through the same system, pass their young through the same system and expect them to come on out somewhat different than what they are. Disturbing as it may seem, we all are in a one-way rat race in life. How?

You get born; everything in life is cute, you are cared for like an egg whose shell is only the egg-white, all your birthdays are celebrated, you make friends you don’t even know of, you exude genuine love. Three years into your life, or thereabouts, you get initiated into the system – elementary school.

During this pseudo-elementary aspect of your race you interact with people your age for the first time. People that aren’t kindred. You learn that rules are meant for order and those who go against them are the scum of the earth. Your creativity begins to diminish as you are forced to begin the ever so gruesome routine: wake up, freshen up, eat, school, play, sleep. After six years through the excruciating damage you do to your creative subconscious, you are promoted in ranks to high/middle-high school.

#inhighschool you learn that rules can be bent. The cuteness from when you were born turns into beautiful, handsome, sexy or fugly – for the unfortunate. The love that naturally radiated from you and the smile that emanated from those who came in contact with you when you were born is suddenly bound by rules: the bro code and it’s kin. Religion may knock on your door once in a while. Making friends becomes a function of coolness: “oh she’s cool, she can hang with us”.

After some years of harwork killing the humanity we were so gracefully born with, the system “glorifies” our efforts and promotes us to college/university. Then you hear the following, “I have no life”, “paarrtaay!!!”, “finals?? finals!! nom nom nom cram cram cram…”. For those who are “productive”, they try to jump boat and mimic their work life in school – take on positions in extracurricular clubs or further a hobby. All these years, the system has streamlined us from the vastly creative human to a set of skills that fit on three pages of A4 paper.

Somehow, that paper gets us a job and we hit the revisit the ever so gruesome routine replacing school for work and injecting “getting paid” somewhere in there. We claim to climb the corporate ladder but fail to realize that those who are successful make the corporate ladder.

Somewhere in-between our plight, caught within this race, someone comes with the million dollar recipe to fame: “Just think outside the box. Do something other people would not have thought to do.” Ladies and gentlemen, we all have been in the same box with everyone ever since; this box called life. We have been padded in by system upon systems. Whatever we do that seems “out of the box” is just a function of resources and opportunity. Some kid in Malaysia must have thought of such a solution but to him, it is a fantasy”.

I’m gonna leave it at this for now. The race is long and slow. Part two will cover more on this and probably summarize.


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