Slick Slack 2

Last time I touched on how life was a race run by a bunch of rats (a.k.a rat race). “It is so sad, but incredibly true…” said the first comment on the previous post. It really is. The real unfortunate part is, 90+% of up and coming people will join the system obliviously. 10% will join – obviously – and might still complain about it later on. Well, c’est la vie. Let’s continue.

We continue from where left off. Humans have been bred into the workplace to follow routines and the continue the feat. Somewhere down along the road, we are reckoned to retire; not by a superior but by our bodies that have become totally sick of the mundane routine. At this age is where we begin to disagree to the mind-over-body argument. We become frail and limited. Yet there exists the ever so gruesome routine: replacing school with sitting at the park or watching the waves ripple.

In the end, we were all part of a system. From when we were born till the day we shut down, there is a system whose routines we follow. No space for fuelling your creativity and being the wild person you wish – in your mind – to be. Sweet dreams come, we wish they never leave and try to sleep forever (sleep-in) but that policeman of an alarm gets you up and back to duty like a whip on the back of a slave. As humans, we are slaves to life which is in turn slave to the system that must sustain it. At the bottom of the ladder, creativity and innovation suffers.

Slowly we slack in life being slick in the system.


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