WordPress update and bug [for iOS]

Some couple hours ago, I blogged about my computer having a nut lose in his head. Therefore blogs are going to come from my WordPress app – a chance to do some stress testing.

Turns out WordPress just released their update and there is a couple things wrong with the new WordPress app. Let’s walk through them, shall we?

The main improvement in this release was supporting landscape mode. Two new and noteworthy features are the URLs that show up under your blog name, and autosaves.

Landscape mode in this new WordPress app is rigid. Reasons? There’s proof. For the following tests, you should go to the home view controller (i.e. the view controller that lists your blogs) and enter landscape mode.

    • Click the ‘+’ sign on the top left to add a new blog. What do you see?

Select a blog. While viewing the comments section in landscape mode, rotate the device to portrait mode. Notice the ‘All’ and ‘Pending’ segmented control. By the way, try rotating back to landscape. You cannot.

  • Basically, the only place you can switch to landscape mode is the root view controller and when you are writing the blog.


This should be an easy fix though. Just implement the


function for all desired views and the bug should be fixed. I am not sure about the exact name of the function but it’s one of the methods of a view controller and I’m pretty positive it has the word ‘Interface’ in it.

That’s it for the bugs in the new release. Great job on a really utilitarian app though guys. It’s really helpful to have an app like this. But since we are on the topic of flaws, I can’t but point out the fact that posts have to be written in HTML for correct formatting. It’s not terrible; but consider the old women who want to blog from their iPhones and iPads – Steve Jobs was targeting that market so we might as well consider them.

Also, dealing with line breaks from a copy-paste will greatly help a blogger on the go. The Apple Mail app does not do a good job in keeping sentences the way they are typed. It inserts random newline characters. Checking for unnecessary line breaks in between sentences (from cases like apple main) can increase productivity with the app.

Hope I helped being some of the issues to limelight.


One thought on “WordPress update and bug [for iOS]

  1. Christina Mercer says:

    I don’t like the WordPress app. I’ve never been able to successfully use it. Before the update, whenever I would attempt to access my blog, I would always get the “bad URL” message. Same thing keeps happening after yesterday’s update… I think it’s time I give up. Any suggestions?

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