First day of class…

My first day of class was exactly a week ago; an interesting day. I had three classes. Before the day, I had programmed my iCal with my schedule for the semester. All classes tutorials, labs and lectures were on my calendar. On the day, my phone prompted me from 7am till class which was at 10am. Obviously, I was late for it – by 30 minutes too!

Got to my Algorithms and Data Structures class and the professor – whom I learnt was a TA last semester (talk about promotion) – looked at me like “what’s up with this brotha? It’s the first freaking day of freaking class and he’s freaking late??”. Unfortunately for me, dude did not plan to teach. He only did administrativia which lasted 30 minutes. I came at the end of administrativia hence, the end of class. A good start to the semester.

Next class was Dynamic Systems and Control. This was the most insporational of all. First of all, the lecturer looks like he’s all of 97 years old. First act he performed was balancing a stick that was vertically upwards from his palm. He talked so frail, looked so thin, a drop of snow – I was afraid – could break him. He did not write on the board – which he said he uses to teach. A teaching assistant did that for him. She was the distraction of the class – hot blonde doing her masters, cute smile & kept looking at my direction for some reason I’ll let you know a tthe end of this post. At the end of the class, professor says the inspiration bomb, “I have a medical condition; it’s called Parkingsons. So I let Audrey – she’s a TA in the course – write on the board for me”. Teaching with Parkingsons, talk about love for what you do!

Last class, Optics. The professor sounded Scottish, has a beer belly, so I concluded he’s Irish. Really good with what he does and is willing to run experiments with his own reading glasses. I walked up to him at the end of class and asked, “what if your glasses got broken?”. “As long as you get the concept  was trying to explain”, he answers to shut me up.

It’s a good feeling so far I have to this semester. All the snow though may slow the year. I am the only black human in all my classes. Attention magnet. My folks always told me to stand out in everything I do. I guess they were the ones who did all the work in me standing out this time.


One thought on “First day of class…

  1. Christina Mercer says:

    Oooh hot TA… juicy, maybe it’s time to make an appointment with her to ‘review some difficult concepts’ (I’m joking 😉 ) At least you showed up for your first class of the semester. Something about this new semester has got my spirits up. Good luck 🙂

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