App Store

First off, it started with the iPhone. “We need a place where developers can sell their brilliant ideas which they have bundled into apps”, said a smart engineer at Apple. “Do you really want to give out permissions of development to the public on such a prized and novel platform?”, asked another employee who did not like the idea – probably one of those on the lower end of mental abilities. The boss in charge replied to them both, “well yes, I think that’s a good idea. We cannot come up with all the ideas. The public knows their needs and they have brilliant ideas to fix them. If we put the necessary privacy laws on novel aspects of our firmware, competent developers may take this platform to a different level. Who knows? Blackberry may decide to follow suit and have a touch screen in the future”. And so was the birth of the App Store for the iPhone.

The App Store for the iOS was greatly successful. The most successful get-up-and-go category for developers was the gaming category. EA is one of the forces in this sector and is the father FIFA ’11, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Need For Speed Shift and Hot Pursuit, Tetris and Monopoly to mention a few. Another take on iOS gaming is the cute sector: Angry Birds and Cut The Rope co-rule here. Other categories were Navigation, Finance, Business (which the App Store taught me was different from Finance), Entertainment, Lifestyle, Education and so on. Countless. Truly the boss was right. There was no stopping to these developers now. And yes, Blackberry did get a touch screen, the Playbook.

Recently, Apple decided to bring this concept of the App Store to Desktop. I had a bald head when I heard it but grew an Afro with ideas shooting out my head – check my Gravatar. As soon as it was shipped, I upgraded my MacBook Pro to Snow Leopard 10.6.6 and got the App Store for the Mac. It felt like the first time I got a Mac. Sitting there like a kid, I explored this new toy I just got.

Interface, ever so intuitive. Graphics, cutting edge. Information flow, fluid. Efficiency, …efficient. First app, Evernote. Within 25minutes of restarting my book, the number of apps I had experiences about 198% increase. What developers will do? Beats me. What I will do…start Mac and iOS development. The Afro is growing even larger!

If you have a Mac and you haven’t upgraded, do so asap. If you don’t have a Mac, get one!

Hello, my name is Yasky. And I am an Apple Addict.


2 thoughts on “App Store

  1. Christina Mercer says:

    The app store for desktop was THE greatest thing to happen to me this week. My iPhone is loaded with productivity apps, and to have them on my desktop made me that much happier. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next 🙂

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