Mind-shift on Webapps

About 1.16 years ago, I was Looking to learn Flash/Actionscript 3.0. At the time, I wanted to make websites that were as interactive as possible without using server-side technologies. Flash provided this functionality at a cost. But since Flash was a monopoly at the time, I had no choice.

Later on came HTML5, CSS3 and the beautiful jQuery. I learnt them all but I doubted their powers to replace Flash. So I continued with Flash. Sometime last year, I met the creator of TTC Mobile and we had a long chat about how Javascript helped his cause. He also told me that Javascript and Actionscript were both derived from ECMA. Looking at the syntax, they have a lot of similarities. I still stuck to Flash.

Sometime last year – rather recently, I came up with an initiative I call Retro Reborn. It happened when I was going through the knowledge I had accumulated throughout the year. I found the new web technologies to be baggage knowledge and decided to create something with it. In doing so, I coded up X & Os – because what better way is there if not sharing hugs and kisses.

This opened me up to the possibilities of interactions with these new web technologies. Come 2011, there will be more. What is the most interesting board game you have played? Which childhood game would you want to see again? Drop a comment or shoot me an email and we will make that a reality. If you are a developer and you want to help out, you are most welcome.


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