Brazil, China and Austrailia

You read the topic right. These are the three countries I want to visit before my time on earth comes to an end. Literally, if I’m on me death bed and the doctor says, “I’m sorry sir but you have two months to live.”; he better have a rocket ready cos I have places to go.

Ok. You may ask, “why so badly?”

Brazil, on the top of my list has undergone serious economical uplift during the rain of the previous president. Not to mention the blessing of beauty on the women, it is also the home to the best sport known to mankind – Football (Soccer if you’re North American). Then comes the nature. The Amazon is a sight to see. A complimentary spot would be the Great Canyon or the Arabian deserts but there’s no life there. Brazilian music too is good. Gets you in the mood to jive anytime.

China, second on the list. Who could say no to a country who has the world’s largest population. They could literally hold the world hostage for a ransom if they wanted to. I will go to China with many questions but one that will stand out the most will be how did you guys do it? I mean, the world all started together. China didn’t have a head start. How did they get to 1.1 billion people? Africa had a head start & the whole continent’s still trying to catch-up. I go to China to learn their ways, the discipline and some WuShu.

Australia, third on my list. The accent is just bliss in Australia—Cat Deeley! Beaches all around the country will erase boredom far away from life. And oh, did I mention the accent? Yeah, it’s amazing.

This is my first post in the #postaday2011 initiative on WordPress – many thanks to whom this is a brain child. Best believe I’ll post more than 365 posts this year.

It’s a blogging era.


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