Frozen Eggs

Abstract: Curiosity about frozen eggs. The actions started from around 6pm on the 10th of December.

At 6pm I felt hungry for some protein in my life and decided to boil a couple eggs.

6:15, my mind creeped up on me – ever so subtly too, never knew he was there – and said, “we all know what happens to eggs when they are heated. How about when they are frozen?” He was right! I didn’t know what frozen eggs were like. So I asked him the same question. “well there’s only one way for us to find out now”, he replied. So I threw me cooked eggs in a bowl of water at room temperature and tossed it into the freezer.

6:45 brought curiosity with it and I went checking on me eggs. The water hasn’t frozen yet. Curiosity then asked why I only had cooked eggs in the freezer. Good point! So I got an uncooked egg, wrapped some electrical tape around it to differentiate it from the others and tossed it in with the cooked couple. And I kept checking.

@ 7:30 a friend on Facebook asked me if they were frozen. I checked and the water was still liquid. At this point, I should say I am waiting for the water to become ice.

7:45 reminded me that Curiosity never left ever since she stepped in. So I left the house to her and headed out to celebrate with a few friends.

2:35am brings me back home from a good night out with friends. I come home all happy and stuff, get ready to go to bed after a long night and a feel a tap on my shoulder. I live alone by the way. Summoning & mustering up all courage I could muster up, I turned to find out who it is. It’s Curiosity again reminding me of my eggs I have in the freezer. That lady never left my apartment! Now I think of it though, there’s no way she could because the doors were locked. But right now, I’m too tired to go check the freezer. I’m already tucked in. So this is goodnight. I’m check on my proteins in the morning.

11:30 is a good morning! I’m off to check me eggs. WHAT A BEAUTY! The water is frozen into a cone shape. I can see one of the boiled eggs cracked…actually both of them. The uncooked egg looks intact but I can’t verify that right now until the eggs defrost.

2:15pm sent me to check on the eggs. The uncooked one had the yolk frozen and the egg-white was like jello – not frozen though. Both the cooked eggs had shards of ice in them. Still in perfect boiled egg eating condition, just that it’s much colder hence cooler đŸ˜‰
This is the end of my first experiment with eggs. I found chickens got so smart to put expiry dates on them too. Can’t believe they would do this to a brother who has supported their career his whole life. I’ll do more experiments on other stuff as I think of them.

A video on this should be up in about 2 hours.


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