The sane things crazy people do.

Recently I moved, sometime in July so it has been quite some time. I moved close to school and the only [cheap] place available was in the Garden District. Now this district houses the weirdest of people. At least, observing them from the suburbs where I used to live, they seemed crazy. I have lived with some of them as neighbors and I am beginning to see that some things they do make sense to them (even if to normal humans, it may be crazy). This is an interesting find for me.

It happened when I saw a girl in her mid twenties, pretty for her district, spinning around in circles at night time. Now if we never had the chance to be close to this girl, there is ever possibility that our defensive minds will rule her out as downright crazy; no objections. Being a curious soul, I interrupted her to ask why she was doing that. (expecting an answer from such a person was a nuts idea already so I thought to go through with the plan). She stopped, looked at me for about 4 seconds twisting her head slowly in disbelief, after-which she continued has “pointless” spin-around. I sat there watching, dozed for a little while but made it through till the end. After she was done, I approached her and asked what was the reasoning. She said one of the most intellectual things I have ever heard. Something about the earth spinning in it’s axis and contributions made from mankind is minimal so time progresses as we perceive it; and that if every person spun as she did, it may change or reduce the speed at which the earth rotates and may alter our perception of time. She went on and on about why and how this is true.
Now, of course I didn’t buy into it; but the mere fact that they do things for a purpose! Even the people we think have the least grip on life still have some purpose in them creates a new possibility in reasoning.

What if our mode of reasoning has been wrong all these while? What if schizophrenic minds are a frontier to the way humans are meant to perceive information?

We may just realize that the sane things crazy people do is what has kept this world in balance for the longest time.


One thought on “The sane things crazy people do.

  1. AuditiO says:

    Interesting! She may or may not be right, but I still find her purpose to be somewhat like how religious people finds ‘purpose of life’ through religion! Which I find pretty iffy 😛

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