How long have you lived?

Most people end up not knowing how long the’ve lived, ever! They belittle the number of years (put simply “how long”) they’ve been on earth by a simple oversight: a birthday is not too mark the beginning of a new year of your life but to mark the end of a completed year.

A man born on 13 May, 1920 died on 4 September 1993. On his gravestone was written, “He lived 73 years”. What a lie. Yes, he celebrated his 73rd birthday but this dude sure lived more than that.

The very first birthday celebrated by a human is painful. It is you 0th birthday. The first gift given to you is a spank from the doctor while hiding you upside-down. And your vote of thanks is a loud cry. After that, you started your first year of life. You just marked the end of your zeroth year of life and started your first.


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