Man—as we may [not] know—is tripartite. Now when I say ‘man’ in this post, I am referring to mankind: male and female. There are three parts to a man: spirit, soul and body. I have always known this, but in church, I heard something knew as the preacher man spoke and this is my way of sharing. There is a lot I can say on this post but I will focus on the birth and death of man as a tripartite being.

The spirit of man was given to him by God from Gen 1:26, so we could have his image and likeness. Man originally is a spirit who has a soul and lives in a body. At birth, the spirit descends with it’s destiny into the body. And that is how it remains ceteris paribus. But the spirit is fuelled by fellowship; hence the continual search of love by humans. If this man so repents, God puts His spirit into man to commune with him on a daily basis; and so it remains assuming man doesn’t fall short or so anything to hurt/grieve the spirit of God.

At death, the spirit leaves the body and transcends. This may happen for two reasons: either man willfully gives up his spirit or the body becomes severly uncondusive for the spirit to live in.
This has been curtailed for volume issues, there is a lot more to talk about.

The soul, comprising of the mind/intellect, emotions and will is what connects the spirit to the body. Two realms exist. The psysical and the spiritual, seen to the unseen respectively. The third “realm”, the “realm” of the mind, is not really an exclusive space on its own. It only serves to connect the seen to the unseen. Most scientists, psychiatrists and philosophers have strived and succeeded in understanding this section of man to an extent. The works of Aristotle, Plato, Ghandi and the rest of them all study man as a soul. Man recieves impulses from both realms but depends on his soul to interpret and convert these impulses so they can be effective across the border i.e. Into the physical.

The body is what enables man as a spirit to interact with this physical world. It provides a housing for the spirit and the necessary organs that make up the soul e.g. pre-frontal lobes, amygdaloid etc.


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