Fiction or Fact?

I am currently reading through The Lost Symbol…is it fact or fiction. I know he has a list of Facts before the book begins but the book still feels more like someone’s diary than a story in a book with hard bindings. This is one of the few mage skills of Mr Brown, including other facts like

  • All his movies [and stories] are one day long (i.e. 24 hours)
  • The mysteries are always in congruence with real life despite the fact that he discusses history ever so deeply.
  • Given his historic approach, the entanglement with modern technology is simply mind blowing.
  • …and many more which mere words (talk less of a singular, naive language such as English) cannot capture nor explain.

I started the list symbol about two and a half hours ago. I reached Chapter 22 on The Lost Symbol and had to take a break to reflect and assertain some facts and facts that the boo brings out. The first that jumps to mind in these few chapters is Noetic Science.

Yes, Dan Brown brings in a field of recent research into his book; and it was not a scheme for publicity but to foster the purpose of the book as one of his masterpieces. I still marvel at the inclusion of The Intention Experiment; the next thing that followed was its website. Now I follow a show called Fringe and they have a company named Massive Dynamics. A dummy website was made up to sell the plot. It worked for a few weeks but crashed when people found out there was no interactivity. The “Employee Access” form would always take you to this page no matter the username and password you enter. So, I am familiar with people constructing websites to promote their plot/storyline. I did not bother check this one out at first but I wanted to see the design on it (if there’s a URL on a book that was sold, it better be on the internet else I’m getting my money back). So I checked out the website & the first thing I saw…a video from MSNBC. Unbelievable! All my attention was focused at once on this glowing rectangle called my laptop screen. My curious self started jittering in joy with the new findings. THis thing is real. McTaggart…Lynne McTaggart is a real person! There is another experiment coming soon: The Water Over Wine [Intention] Experiment coming up soon. For MSNBC to be involved, this thins is really going on else Microsoft would have tarnished their name.
Go get it people; The Lost Symbol. Infact, get all Dan Brown books. I may start a quest to find out a pattern in all his books. Humans are creatues of pattern and will follow any that proves to always deliver the right results they seek.

Dan Brown might as well turn his saga into a series.


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