A Cure For Pain

In a harsh freezing weather, scheduled was a soccer practice. The wind, clashing vehemently with people and slowly always suggesting what direction the ball travelled made the practice even harder. I arrived late and got on the field. In 5-7 minutes, my while body goes numb. I practice on and get fouled at some point. Since my body was numb, I got right back up, I didn’t feel a thing. After practice, I look down at my white-socks-turned-red and slowly, the pain set in as panic creeped in.

This is the methodology pain uses to affect people. First comes the acknowledgement that something devastating has happened. “Devastating” in this context is relative to the range of events which your mind has ruled to be a mundane happenstance. Then comes the panic (from a programmer’s point of view, this is an infinite loop of worry) which beings the pain. The panic has to be there to throw you off your cool because pain knows that no matter how large its impulse is, a logical approach will always reduce it’s effect.

Bringing this post home: whenever you injure yourself physically, are disrespected, or find yourself in that break up where you think it is the end of the world, take your mind off it (like it never happened). This will cure the panic of “what do I do now? Where do I go from here? You were everything. etc…”, thereby reducing the effect of the pain rapidly if not instantaneously.

My personal procedure for dealing with impulses which may seem uncontrollable is.

  • Stop talking.
  • Take two steps backwards & watch your feet while taking these steps.
  • Head back up high and speak [or “act”].

If you are in a position where you can’t carry out this exercise, visualize it mentally. It works!!


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