The Dream

The dream of a specification shines vivid.
Still hope and courage love darkness
Clinging onto hope and telling her the dream
Lights the flame torch in my harness.
Rolling in confusion, thoughts produce creation
New hearts are born, new passions are farmed.
And still the dream of a specification shines viv…
Oh snap!
Her light is dimming.
I search for Ms. Hope & Mr. Courage; for they are my rocks of ages
But rocks they are
Laying cold with the darkness…to the new friend they found

“Hello Darkness, I need my light”
“A dream once vivd, her light is dimming.”

Grabbing a blanket would keep the dream warm
But would blanket her light turning her completely off
Yet she shivers in cold, bones jittering
Shinks with myriad phobias, her light flickering
I walk up to her, she flinches. It’s sickening.

But she’s my only light and I try to let her know
Wherever she goes, her maiden is in me
“Service so true honours you my dear”
“I will stay, all day, everyday, not straying…I’ll keep the faith.”
“I pray you see purpose, drive and the fire in the flame to burn onwards & press on”

Exhausted I stand…hopeless, yet still hoping
She stares blank and shocked at my speech which raged with motivation for us both.
Softly but clearly, she mutters, “Unbelievable”. Her first words.
Air leaves my lungs at jet speed
Shoulders shrug, brain becomes heavy with though weights, head drops.

Turning to leave, giving up on the dream, hope, passion and all that made me be,
I take a last peek to get one last glimpse of the once-a-pretty-picture I was about leaving behind.
Then I see..stare…puzzled at something I never did notice:
Her eyes were golden and glowing.
Tears, so cold, down they roll, slowly.
It was then her first words got to me through the ever so impedimenting medium of discouragement and despair.
Her first words pierce my diaphragm like the arrow that went through Archilles’ archilles.
Words that broke every perception of my thought theories.
Then, like the outcome of a kindle in the presence of benzene,
The vampire surrounding my heart received sunlight.

Ever so gracefully, though hope still dwindles, passion burnt brighter.hotter.fiercer!
Why it burnt, I knew not, but pleasing it was
So pleasing it surged through every dendrite, epicentre & fibre of my being
I grew taller, stronger, faster…
With no real direction but towards The Dream…my new miss.
Everey strp brings me closer, beneath my feet greener.
Reaching her means the end yet I yearn for death like it’s a gateway in a closed box.
A turn-on instead of a switch-off.
Screw hope. Hope who left me hopeless left me for dead.
Embrace passion. Actions of passion show me The Dreams embrace.
Together we walk; not The Dream but her pathway.
For one day she’ll being me to my shimmering glimmering end.

The Dream: She is a specification that still shines vivid.
Now, hope BUT courage loves darkness.

© Owajigbanam Ogbuluijah


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