Always on my mind. Facebook asks; and each time I think. “Today may be full of accomplishments but Today still carries the dark promise of Tomorrow.” <— This is an excerpt of a status message I once had. The same that inspired this note.

Tomorrow. Who is she? Why does she keep us in suspense for 24 hours before showing up. And still, to the mundane man, she sneaks up on him at night when he is asleep; no formal introduction. The mysteries she brings with her are so great that sometimes I stop and think her appearance as she becomes my today; what was in her make-up basket? The possibilities with her are endless and her capacity, limitless; yet no one ever knows how to work her—to juice out her best.

Tomorrow remains a concept too far-fetched for man to fathom with our current level of reasoning. Come to think of it, nobody ever experiences tomorrow. We dream she comes, hope she never dies but no one! …has ever experienced tomorrow. Has anyone ever seen tomorrow and said, “This is tomorrow”? For inasmuch as she raises hopes in promises, she comes to us as “today”; never her real self.

Why? These and many more questions would continue to bother a curious mind. Hence, Tomorrow, she will always be in my mind.


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