Physical – Metaphysical Seam

I recently saw the movie, Contact (1997), for the first time and it was an eye opening venture on my dream of amalgamating science and religion [with a seam so thin, it will be viewed as one and the same]. All (or most) of the religious concepts are closely tied together [thinly divided by variations in culture and morality].

The plot of the movie revolves around a girl, Elmer Airway (I hope this is how her last name is spelt). She wanted to be an astronomer since she realized a star at sunset was actually Planet Venus when she was eight years old. Being a driven person, she grows into a famous scientist who builds a machine which, based on signals she received from Constellation Vega, is meant to be a means of transport. Using her invention, she travels through space to contact her dead father. After she returns, she attempts explaining this to people on earth. Everyone thinks she had gone bunkers; because in reality—”real time”—her pod fell through its contraption in the machinery meant to transport her, right onto the sea beneath this contraption. Obviously, this is not the whole movie. If you want to know the details, you have to look for the DVD.

A few arguments came to my attention as I thought of this post.

  • “If you travel to a galaxy light-years away from earth, when you return, you will have aged very little compared to the people you left on earth who will have aged exponentially” – or so the movie claims.
  • “A thousand years on earth is like a day in the heaven . . . ” – Bible
  • Scientific laws that govern reality cannot be broken in real-time and real-space (3D)
  • “Events that bend laws of reality will need a different dimension in order to to operate. Since the laws of the physical are so restricted, they will have to switch to a realm that can accommodate their “parameters” — the Metaphysical.

If you are not sure of any of these speculations, comment your concerns and I will throw more light.

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I planned on finishing the whole concept in one post and it was getting ridiculously large. I will structure the posts so I expand on these following points. Until then, stay curious.


2 thoughts on “Physical – Metaphysical Seam

  1. Ali says:

    The first speculation seems quite off base. A body that exists in non-relativistic frames, such as a human, cannot achieve the speed of light. Even if we assume a space shuttle that can travel at relativistic speeds, say at 0.7c, the distance to just the edge of the Milky Way galaxy would be (lets assume) 50000 light years (the diameter is 100000 light years). To cover this distance at 0.7c would take about 71428 years (approximately).

    There is a certain difference in time due to varying gravity, but that difference is so tiny. You would need large black holes for the kind of gravity required to cause time to be altered significantly. Also, the shuttle is in a relativistic frame, and so the principle of special relativity doesn’t apply as straightforward.

    So yes, you would age less, but only by the smallest increments. So small that they cannot be significant in any way. So the people on earth won’t be exponentially older. Thats not possible.

    [Contact is an amazing movie. Scifi movies are awesome]

    • You’re probably right. There may not be that much difference in age. But the unmitigated fact that there would be a difference in age is what captures the attention.

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