Soliloquy with Diplomat

It was raw, it was electric, there was eerie silence. That “brink” silence; that “what the heck!?” silence.

Why is this happening? He must have been impressed …by so little too. I mean, it’s ordinary honesty; even babies know how to do this.

A man of his caliber, laden with the mission of a country to another, must know much about exit plans.

To quieten a man whose day job is mainly speech was almost sinful; ostentatious to say the least—or so I thought.

Now the realization hits home. The diplomacy in words employed by the astute to wow the crowd is nothing but the fluttering of a hummingbird’s wings; so much in so little time but carries no bang! They are finely crafted to make you wander in wonder, pulsate in false states of the knowing. Given infinitesimal time, they can raise our joy to heights unfathomable. But when we wake up, we realize we have been robbed.


Open letter to Readmill

Dear Readmill,

It is very sad to see you go.

You were my choice reader. With the sleek UI and amazing community involvement scheme, I could not see a reason why I’d do without you. You introduced me to group reading. As a matter of fact, you introduced me to reading period. You put books ‎in a different light: one made of deep blue, green and white, which just made reading cozier. My mind, absent my will, will spend tireless hours enjoying the words of daring and provoking authors on the platform you provided; hours I am now grateful for. You blessed my mind with the ability to ponder philosophically. Without you, I’d never have had half the accolades little birds in the sky carry on the ever so grateful wind.

It is really sad to see you go.

Even in our parting, you still teach me new things. I’ve never lost a loved one and always thought how I’d handle it when it does happen. It’s devastating; a beautiful devastation though. Through it I understand feelings I usually may have not until maybe a more dire “pre-phenomenon” may have occurred. Although you may claim no human component to yourself, you’d agree with me that love could not be encapsulated only under the human domain irregardless of how hard we humans try.‎

So thank you. Thank you for coming into my readings [and helping my writings]. Thank you for being intuitive. Thank you for helping me store my reading data. And even in parting, thank you for the smooth gradual process you employed.

You’ll be greatly missed.

Yasky, of house iGravity™‎.
First of his name.‎
Observer of the mundane complex,
Discoverer of form in essence, and
Dissector of the hitherto impregnable.

Just in case…

Just in case I never get to speak about the case of Justin Case which is just in, here is my case.

The case file for Justin Case is just in case. Now consider this: just in case Justin Case was just in Case, there’s no just in this case to just leave in case the case of Justin Case. Just Justin Case in Case will only case just cases when just is done to all just in.

Gentlemen, we may have a tasking case file on our hands; this case of the just in case.

Just in case


Only but a few things, atrocious in their nature, are beyond adulteration, beyond the grace of cute misinterpretation. Of all is the adulteration of “Beyond”, herself. Humanly, she is adulterated as Beyonce; but I joke a ridiculous joke as this is not the point.

She, “ Beyond”, generally, has been adulterated as “past” from “most”. In this sense we ascribe her transcendence to Time, shunning Space. Especially in with the case of the immaterial. An immaterial said to be “beyond” is mostly said to transcend in time.

Time is considered infinite; as the infinitesimal praises the spec, as cogs praise the wheel and as tire tracks hallow roads. A transcendence (an existence like ours posited far beyond our perceptive capacities) in this domain is placed therefore in eternity, the home of the procrastinator.

Space, on the other hand, would bellow—with passion in its certainty—that “beyond” encompasses, and it’s neither “then” nor “when”, but now! Masters of old had tried to show this to us but due to the limitation of a highly fragmented language and a culture entrenched in segregated linguistics, we are necessarily blind to this concept.

In this misunderstanding, we have evolved to adore falsity and bow at its feet.

However! Thus, hitherto, has “Beyond” masked her self from us. Henceforth shall she be understood: as the under-face of her mask—as neither this Space nor that Time, and vice versa, but the dance of the concept which births both.

The Black Hole

I learned from the Black Hole, a little something. These are words from the Black Hole’s Pupil as seen by the Pupil’s Black Hole about The Pupil and the Black Hole. Yet another comparison which shows the Uniformitarianist nature of the world. And a little hint that your body may contain some space junk, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it but admire.

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How to use Twitter

I recently saw in the news that Twitter is losing its price in the stock market due to ignorance. I’m not affiliated with Twitter but I detest ignorance even more. I do not foresee this helping Twitter get its stock back in any way – I do not even know how those things work, “stocks”, …who pours tea in socks for Christ’s sake!? Judas? It has to be Judas. Continue reading